Your Personal Guide to Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy is hot. Businesses are embracing digital. Increasingly, organisations are reaping the benefits from digital channels, processes, big-data and new business models. At the same time, consumers and businesses become more aware of their privacy and for what purpose their personal data may be used. Social media are eager to report on privacy issues. Reputation is at stake.

New regulations. To protect consumers and businesses, the EU has proposed a new regulation. As per May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be effective. It provides stricter requirements with potentially large financial consequences for non-compliance. Fines that go beyond your risk appetite.

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

One requirement of the GDPR is to conduct a PIA on every current information system containing personal data elements. A PIA is a method to identify and reduce the privacy risk of your organisation. A PIA can reduce the risks of harm to individuals through the misuse of their personal information. It can further help you to design more efficient and effective processes for handling personal data. A PIA is not a ‘one-off-project’ but needs to be embedded in your compliance organisation. With every major change on the current information systems, or new business initiatives involving personal data your organisation should perform a PIA.

Making Life easy and compliant

We see a lot of organisations struggling with the design and execution of PIAs. How does the PIA fit your privicay governance? What privacy rules and regulations need to be measured against? How to ensure compliance?

We have developed the SMART PIA methodology – including an automated tool – that tackles all these questions. The tool is already accomodated with relevant roles by default and standard questionnaires to quickly assess the gaps, risks and measures. These default settings can also be the starting point for a tailor-made PIA tool and implementation in your privacy governance.

SMART PIA provides both the approach and platform for comprehensive insight and control in your privacy compliance activities

PIA approach and platform

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The automated tool is unique and helps to assess the privacy impact faster, efficient, easy to manage and repeatable.

The SMART PIA tool

Some key attributes of the tool:

  • The build-in questionnaire based on present and upcoming EU privacy legislation will give you a head start with the performance of the Privacy Impact Assessment.
  • With a role based log-in, the PIA tool will match your Privacy Governance model.
  • A work flow management guides you through the process of PIA execution.
  • The tool offers easy monitoring on progress and completeness of individual PIAs.
  • Clear instant reporting on risks, gaps and impact will demonstrate your accountability filing for internal and external authorities and regulators.

``Together we believe that privacy is not just about compliance but can help differentiate your organisation in the way it protects personal data. As such, your business maximises the potential of digital``.