Employee Attendance Management is taking off

20 December 2017
BioTrust face authentication

Mobile technology is changing the way we interact, greatly impacting the way we run our businesses. Take employee attendance management. Identity verification in combination with mobile technology is definitely taking off. Complex and often cumbersome processes and actions are becoming straightforward overnight, resulting in more employee safety.

Biometric technology is the easiest and most convenient way to guarantee employee safety and ensure regulatory compliance as well. Making sure you always know which employees are at work and at which location. Imagine an incident at one of your locations. You instantly know who is present and where they are.


The advantages of employee attendance management

Employee safety is not the only asset. There is more to the story. Improving your efficiency and security in a broad sense is also part of the deal. The current solutions for verifying employee identity are often time-consuming and expensive. And then still, the risk for unauthorised job-sharing remains, a critical compliance risk. Biometric technology is a real problem-solver. It’s fast, convenient and secure.


Employee Attendance Management BioTrust


Biometrics, simple as this

How it works? Simplicity is key. The process and biometric technology has a simplified user interface, guiding employees quickly through only a few simple actions, within seconds. All your employees need is a personal device or use a shared kiosk at various entry and exit points at your locations.

To add to its appeal, having your employee attendance needs arranged form one single point, has comprehensive impact on your organisation. Managing your processes, implementing changing requirements, sharing information with other critical organisational systems and customisations just became easier too.


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